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You’re going to love life when you know where you’re going and how to get there
Natasha Sherman
Life Success Coach

About Natasha

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Change is inevitable. This last year gave us change in the extreme. For many, it caused a stirring of inquiry about what we really want and what’s missing.

How do you master change and make the shifts you want?

In the 20 years I’ve coached, mentored, and taught, my clients have created extraordinary results in how they live life.


My mission is to be your personal “pilot” so that you develop the mastery to produce extraordinary results in how you live life; personally, and professionally.

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  • Thinking like the CEO of your life

  • Additional tools to integrate into your life that will be game-changers

What are you struggling with?

We’re all struggling with something.  It’s part of being human. The question really is,

“Are you creating your desired outcomes?” 


Life is really an inside job.  How you think, what you believe, your opinions, your world view, your history, what you value; all of these are the source of your choices and actions and results. 

These are our default positions.  They show up automatically.  Some are valuable, some are detrimental.  As your Coach I work with you to develop the mastery to

“Live by Design/Not by Default” ™

The issues may seem different and even divergent, but there are powerful tools that will impact all areas.  It’s like adding red dye to a glass of water.  That dye doesn’t just touch some of the molecules, it colors all the molecules.

Rather than focusing on the why of the past, Natasha helped me inquire and find the “what is possible” and “what’s next” of the future.  Natasha is intuitive and empowering.  She was always in tune with my values and personality.  Our sessions were practical and meaningful, and they helped me gain more balance, fulfillment, and joy in my life.  I am grateful for Natasha’s impact.  She is a skilled and masterful coach.

Daniel Rovny,

Having Natasha as my Coach as I create a life that is authentic, meaningful, and fulfilling has been so empowering.  Before coaching with Natasha, I felt stuck by indecision in certain areas.  Since starting the coaching process, I have helped settle my father’s estate, spent much more joyful time with family and friends, handled a change of career responsibilities with courage and integrity, and learned to put setbacks into proper perspective while continuing to move toward my goals.  Quite simply, through coaching with Natasha I have started to live a more purposeful and focused life.

Elizabeth P,
College VP
Dennis Nobile,
President, nth degree media, inc.

Through insight, empathy, and communication, Natasha empowers her clients to find success in their professional and personal lives.  She is uniquely qualified to help you identify roadblocks, build your strengths and develop a comprehensive strategy to achieve your goals in your career and in your life.  I have witnessed Natasha in action and it is an impressive thing to behold.  I recommend her highly.

Watch or listen to Natasha’s fascinating interviews on subjects ranging from tattoos to nuclear weapons.
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“You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.”


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